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2015JanFire department 2015JanFire department2

Our customer did not like the button on his pants, so he asked us to remove it.  After our tailor finished this job, our client is very happy to have such an elegant look!

2014novHasp removal

In Galina’s Tailor Shop, we made this gorgeous modern New Jersey Juliett’s dress as a volunteer for this sparkling “Midsummer Jersey” show in Portage Central High School. Could you believe it was a one night job?

2014novJulietts dress

In Galina’s Tailor Shop we can attach any kind of patches to your military, police, fire department or other uniforms and garments.
2014novFire department

Our customer brought these pants with the hole next to his pocket. This is a pretty common thing, and we know how to fix this nuisance.2014oktJPants hole

Galina needed to take in the center seam of this jacket. As you can see, the checkered lines in this spot are not connected properly. To fix it, we used some special techniques, and finally, this suit looks better than it was before.2014oktCheckered jacket

If your tie becomes in a miserable condition, do not worry. Galina can return it to its original dignity to make our customer happy.


It was a nice expensive suit, but the pants were damaged as shown. Before throwing them away, our client decided to show them to a professional tailor, just in case. He was very surprised when he received such an impressive result in Galina’s Tailor Shop.


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