Thank you notes from our customers



Galina can help you make that “positive first and lasting impression.” Call her for all your tailoring needs. Think of her work as a small investment in “your future.”

                                                                                         Dennis C.


Galina is truly a treasure! She can handle any tailoring need from the most simple to the extremely complex. I forgot to mention that I live in Coldwater, MI but I still commute to K-zoo for her services. Yes, she is that good!                                                                                                                                                

                                                                                       Annette C.


I could not be more happy with the services I have received. From the pants adjustments to more formal-wear alterations Galina did a perfect job! She is very accomodative, creative and eager to add a personal touch. I would not hesitate to recommend Galina’s services to anybody!

                                                                                       Evgeniia M.


I assure you Galina demonstrates expertise as a tailor. Over the last six years I have exclusively used her services from simple to complex alterations for my casual and business clothing. When asked where I shop to find such nicely fitted clothing my reply is many stores, but I always credit the fir to Galina.

                                                                                        Linda L.


I had a favorite skirt I wanted to have restructured. Galina not only redid the skirt ina timely manner and for reasonable charge, but also found a way to yuse leftover material to design a matching skard! I highly recommend her services!

                                                                                     Nancy A.

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